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With your "Big Picture" helps suddenly clarifying:

• what your company does
• what you want to say to your employees
• what advantages your product or project offers

Of course it is clear what the term “big picture” means; "The big picture" and means the "overall picture" of something specific.
What we make of it for you is a means of communication.

The overall context in a graphic and verbal representation is always the main result or the essence of our service.

It is a summary and a concentrate of the thing you want to get known. The aim is that what is being said or shown can be understood as clearly and quickly as possible "at a glance".

Therefore, a “big picture” is ideally visually appealing, always pleasant and interesting to read. The real goal, however, is that it is understood as comprehensively as possible. Because only when you understand it can you remember it positively. Our attention span is short in our short-lived time, because we experience countless impressions every day and filter out everything that is not absolutely relevant for us, is entertaining, or at least amuses us.

What, how should be seen and observed? What do we highlight and what should be remembered? Beware, there is a risk of getting lost in the details. The "big picture" is about getting a far-reaching overview and also immediately understanding the opportunities and advantages for readers and viewers. We therefore work for the basically simple goal: Your benefit should immediately catch the eye! The focus is on the joy of experiencing this.

The elaboration of the communication and a concentration on the essentials means thought work, didactic skill and a sense of aesthetics. The media that we select according to the zones in which your contact persons can be reached and that can be many very different media. Find a conversation with us and let yourself be surprised, because we are on the way for exactly this purpose: to come up with ideas that you have not thought of before or to follow a form or a path that ensures good interactions and reactions.


​Your "Big Picture" is unique! Thats mass tailored of course.

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